Hero Poppins is a prestigious nanny agency specializing in career nannies, who are also trained and qualified in an additional profession to childcare. Every Nanny we refer is carefully selected, highly qualified, and fits your family’s needs. Only the best nannies are selected. We help you to find and hire the best Nanny for your family.



Elite Nannies is a prestigious nanny agency specializing in career nannies in Los Angeles and New York City, who are also trained and qualified in an additional profession to childcare.

Why Hero Poppins?

Our nannies will continually exceed your expectations.

We strictly present only the top 5% of nanny candidates who apply through our Elite Nanny screening process, so you can be assured your children will be offered unparalleled care.

We carefully match our nannies to unique family values, care philosophies, and lifestyles, so everything flows. Our rigorous matching process guarantees your family life will remain harmonious.

Looking after your children is a privilege our nannies do not take for granted. They’re honored to be part of your family, long or short term.

The Hero Poppins Magic Process

Step 1: Behavior-based Interview

Our in-person, behavior-based interview is designed to uncover how a candidate reacts under certain stressful conditions and determines for what age the candidate is suited.

Step 2: Testing and Certification

Childcare Skills Test – Must earn a passing grade to qualify for placement

Infant/Adult CPR & First Aid – must obtain within 10 days of hire

Step 3:  Seven-Level Background Investigation and Other Screening Options

Level I National Criminal History Check

County Court Records Inspection

U.S. Work Authorization Verification (if applicable)

Driving Report

Social Security Verification

National Aliases screening

National Sexual Offenders/Predators screening

Level II Fingerprinting w/ National Identity Verification

TB Testing

Physical Exam

Additional Countries Law Enforcement Reports

Education / Professional License Verification


"Hero is such a special person. She consistently goes above and beyond in her child care. My daughter adores her as do we. She is a part of our family. My husband and I trust her implicitly" - Melissa S.


"Brilliant. Hero is always on time even if you call her last minute. Her fun, kind nature made her a hit with my one year old and with me! You won't regret hiring her." - Jenna B.


"Hero is phenomenal with children! They play all day, and she works on anything the children need help with. She's reliable and trustworthy, always on time. I can't say enough nice things about Hero. We just love her" - Patricia C.

About Hero Poppins

Hero Poppins is a Nanny service that is well known in the community. We meet and hand-select all candidates in person. We do not use a database, but instead, we provide specialized recruiting for your position.

Using a Nanny Agency is a safer alternative when hiring a Nanny to care for your precious children because Hero Poppins nannies are known and trusted. They are thoroughly investigated before being custom-matched to your family.

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